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2021 was the year that Danny Boy Consulting went into the business, however, this is not my first rodeo in the EIFS inspection business. Our stucco inspection Lake Forest business has been very prosperous as of late installing stucco, EIFS, and stone claddings for years now. After doing estimates for many years I found a trend with older houses, that were repaired using stucco, always failed within a few years. This intrigued me and pushed me to look further into the problem to see what was causing this and how I could come up with solutions to solve these issues. From there I went on a journey to figure this out through books, seminars, and even enrolling in the Exterior Design Institute to get certified as an EIFS inspector in Lake Forest. Once I was able to complete this Danny Boy Consulting was created providing an experience that I knew was missing in the industry.

Daniel Gorecki
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