Pros And Cons Why You Should Do Moisture Testing Regularly!

We perform moisture probe testing to reveal any deep moisture intrusion into your home. The process entails drilling small holes for probe access and reading the data, which will be documented in a detailed report. The holes will be filled with caulk that is color-matched to your exterior.
Here are some pros and cons of this service.
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  • The sooner you can detect the problem, the less you’ll spend to fix it!
  • By finding the source of the problem, you won’t have to invest in major repairs.
  • Moisture testing will protect you from side effects such as mold in your home.
  • After moisture testing, you will receive a detailed report about the condition of your walls.

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  • You must be home during the moisture testing.
  • You must schedule an exact day and time with the inspector.
  • You need to get an idea of the condition of your home in case the inspector has any questions about past events, such as flooding, etc.
  • Be prepared for a long and detailed moisture testing!

The Importance Of Moisture Reports

Professional EIFS and stucco inspectors recommend that your stucco should be inspected every two years and also undergo specialist moisture testing to ensure that water has not compromised its structural integrity. If you are worried that there may be underlying problems within your stucco, EIFS, stone or vinyl stucco, then contact a specialist to arrange for a professional EIFS inspection or stucco Inspection. Our inspections include specific stucco moisture testing. Moisture reports can reveal if there is water damage, rot, or mold growing behind the stucco or other siding. All of these lead to significant damage if not treated correctly.