Pros And Cons Why You Should Do Stone Inspection Regularly!

We will perform a comprehensive inspection of properties with stone veneer or similar exterior cladding to determine whether installation defects and typical problems related to the construction method exist. We will look beyond the material itself to ensure thorough analysis.
Stone inspection is as important as stucco or EIFS inspection. Don’t underestimate the condition of your home!
Here are some pros and cons of this service.
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  • The sooner you can detect the problem, the less you’ll spend to fix it!
  • By finding the source of the problem, you won’t have to invest in major repairs.
  • Stone inspection will protect you from side effects such as mold in your home.
  • After stone inspection, you will receive a detailed report about the condition of your walls.

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  • You must be home during the stone inspection.
  • You must schedule an exact day and time with the stone inspector.
  • You need to get an idea of the condition of your home in case the inspector has any questions about past events, such as flooding, etc.
  • Be prepared for a long and detailed stone inspection!

Why It's Important To Check Stones

Because issues with the installation of manufactured stone don’t always present themselves in obvious ways, it is vital to have a building or residence that has manufactured stone carefully assessed by an experienced EIFS inspector using modern technology. This is because problems with the installation of manufactured stone can sometimes go undetected for a long time. Since symptoms indicate the causes, they are the things that need to be addressed. For that reason, it is recommended to perform stucco cracks home inspection to better understand the current status of the material.