Should You Hire A Contractor Or Do Stucco Repair Yourself?

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If you discover damaged stucco on the exterior of your home, would you attempt to fix it yourself or hire a stucco expert? Crumbling, cracked, discolored stucco, or other signs of damage could indicate small damage or may represent more significant damage and problems. A professional stucco expert will be able to assess the damage and fix the root of the problem, rather than just treating the visible damage.
Consider these 3 questions before you decide if you are able to fix the stucco yourself..

Are you fairly handy?
Do you carry out repairs around your house and think of yourself as handy? If the answer is no, then you need to call in a professional stucco expert in order to perform stucco repair. If the stucco is not repaired properly it will progress to much bigger and more expensive problems.

Is it a small amount of damage?
If the damage is small, then you probably have the skills to adequately patch it up yourself. However, if the damage is much more extensive you need to call in a stucco inspector to assess the extent of the damage, and stucco testing specialists to examine the stucco for water penetration and damage. 

Do you have the proper tools? 
You will need: a ladder, chisel, hammer, metal shears, a wire brush and other tools. If you don’t have the tools needed for stucco repair, even a small job will become quite expensive and hiring a stucco professional will be more cost effective.