Stucco Inspections, What Is It All About?

eifs inspector Chicago cracked stucco wall

Some homes and commercial buildings utilize synthetic stucco systems, technically called exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS). It’s basically wall systems with multiple layers. These offer significantly better flexibility in design versus alternative cladding products as well as outstanding energy efficiency. But on the other hand, they should be inspected regularly.

Why Should I Seek A Stucco/EIFS Inspection?

Due to system failures, EIFS and traditional stucco homes have been featured in news stories throughout the country. Frequently, a stucco expert was not used and installation was done incorrectly. In these cases, moisture may be able to penetrate the cavities of your wall, triggering mold and even structural failure. Necessary repairs may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 if these issues are not noticed early on. Our EIFS inspector will perform an inspection and let you know if that’s the case in your home.

How To Carry Out An Appropriate Stucco/ EIFS Inspection?

We perform Stucco/ EIFS inspections in three separate parts: first a Visual Inspection, followed by an Infrared Inspection, and finally an Intrusive Moisture Analysis.

During our visual inspection, our stucco inspector will observe any discoloration, missing or improperly installed flashing, bulging areas, or cracks in the Stucco/ EIFS.

Next, we will scan your walls using an Infrared Camera in order to determine the existence of any moisture penetration by thermal irregularities without ever having to penetrate or damage the cavity in your exterior wall.

Once both the visual and infrared inspections are finished, we then perform invasive moisture testing in order to confirm whether there is actual moisture penetration in any of the areas where it is suspected. This involves drilling a hole into the exterior wall of the home or building in order to use a moisture meter to take a moisture reading.

When Is It Important To Obtain These Inspections?

  • Real Estate Transactions
  • New Installations
  • Insurance Claims
  • After the completion of any repair work
  • New Construction *Renovations
  • New Construction

Stucco/ EIFS inspection is a sensitive procedure and should only be performed by a professional EIFS inspector.  Call us to set up an appointment!